Monday, July 21, 2008

Thinking Globally and Acting Locally -Beijing/Tucson

This morning as I was doing my Mrs. Green's Research, think globally, act locally was the first thing that popped into my head after I read both the Wall Street Journal and the Arizona Daily Star.

Globally thinking, I am a bit perplexed about Beijing's notoriously bad air quality and how that fits into the need for all Olympians to breath the cleanest air possible as they compete for the gold. What were people thinking? How bad is it? Well, it's so bad that the U.S. Committee has developed a mask model for athletes in secrecy. Yes, what the mask is made of has still not been released. Athletes will be be in a position of choosing to wear the mask and risk insulting their host country or not wear a mask and literally risk losing their race. You can read all about it on the front page of today's WSJ. Beijing is doing everything possible to improve air quality during the games but the challenges are many with over 3.3 million cars taking to the road daily. Stay tuned.

And on the local front, it was heartening to see the title "Street signs sparkle in solar pilot program" in this morning's local paper. The Tucson Department of Transportation is testing solar powered caution signs to see if they stand up to heat and remain visible during the bright, sunny days in the Old Pueblo. Along the Mrs. Green journey, I have learned that too much heat is a huge challenge to almost solar-powered anything. Mild sunny days are best for solar power. And we have plenty of those so let's keep testing and trying!

Have a great day and do one great, green act!

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