Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The most unlikely use for duct tape!

Good morning. There has been a joke around our house for years about duct tape. It can fix anything that's broken, right? Even when we were up in cool, green, high country in Greer, Arizona last week, my husband and I saw a man duct taping the broker skylight window in his vehicle. We made our standard joke about duct tape - it fixes everything.

Well, I would have never thought of duct tape removing kids' warts! You read it correctly - kids' warts! Not only have there been definitive studies supporting this theory (one is Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma), the article I read in the Arizona Daily start was written by a mom who got to try it on her child! In the study, there was consistency - apply duct tape for 6 days, remove, soak affected area, use pumice or emery board to scrape and repeat the process. It took an average of two months for warts to disappear. The mom who wrote the article said they deviated from the forumula and weren't as consistent but guess what? Happy ending! Warts gone, no costly medical procedure needed and no harsh chemicals used to remove the warts. AND most importantly from this mom's point of view - it was painless for her child.

So did I say living green can be fun? And believe me, I can fit almost anything into living a greener life - like removing warts with duct tape.

For more info about this and other great "how to" ideas from the author of the article, Vanessa Raymond, visit

Have a great, green day.

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