Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Green is so great!

I continue to believe that living in the "green" world is a happier place to live in a world filled with challenges of just about every sort. So looking for green info is fun, informative and usually has an optimistic outcome.

Today? No exception? Today's Wall Street Journal had a great article in their Enterprise section about businesses emerging to help school fund-raisers go green. How fun and great is that? There is a company called Greenrising that sells products such as recycled gift wrap and reusable water bottles. One school reported that selling these two products resulted in their best fundraiser EVER! Another company, Green Students Fundraising, sells energy efficient light bulbs, stainless steel water bottles and dryer balls (they soften clothes & reduce drying time). And last but not least, Higher Grounds Trading Company is a fair=trade coffee roaster, that is marketing to schools and take it a step further. Schools can incorporate lessons about the environment and labor standards are part of their partnership with schools.

And my final comment is again about why I love living the going green life. One parent quoted in the article said that we are giving kids mixed messages about obesity and eating healthy and then having them sell cookie dough and candy to raise money for their schools. As a sucker for any kid who rings my doorbell, I always say yes and never thought about the conflict. I will now...


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Bonnie said...

Great information, Mrs. Green! I'll help spread the word.