Monday, July 28, 2008

Cars, Cities and Word About Masks

I am hoping the title kind of throws you! As I was doing my early morning blog preparation, I really wasn't' in the mood to write about cars. But write about cars I must. There are no less than THREE articles about cars in today's Wall Street Journal so I took it as a sign. On the good news list, and I quote "Honda Motor Co is the only major car company that guessed right on gasoline prices and geared up in the past few years to sell small cars." My first thought was how proud I am to be a green partner with Chapman Automotive. I aligned myself with them because of their commitment to working towards a greener company and because of Honda. And with their new plant in Indiana moving ahead, Honda will be providing jobs to Americans and giving us more fuel efficient cars. That makes Mrs. Green smile!

The other two articles affirmed my belief about the confusing part of car talk - is diesel better or isn't it. You can read the article to find out more. Article three gets a mere mention as it discussed how big, flashy, really expensive car sales are down. Oh well.

Now about that "cities" part. There was an entire section in the Journal today about success stories - taking a look at seven places that took different approaches to economic development and came out ahead. Five of those cities are in the United States and two in other countries. The stories were all great, inspiring, educational and did I say inspiring? I live in Tucson, Arizona and wish that all of our City and County leaders would read this and get spurred into action. It takes courage and leadership and solid public/private partnerships. I believe that every city wanting to reinvent itself has the basic ingredients it takes to do just that. It's the leadership and courage piece we need to focus on here in the Old Pueblo. Given our leadership in solar and our Clean Cities initiatives, let's move forward and put our city on the map!

And now about those masks. A few weeks ago, I wrote about the dilemma Olympians face about wearing masks and the potential for insulting the host country. My friend Cassandra,who has visited there very recently, writes: "In Beijing, wearing a mask is not an insult, the Beijingers wear them themselves." So maybe it's just that we would think it's insulting. Thank you my friend!

Have a great, green week.

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