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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Green Tip of the Week

Green Tip
Take your own cup with you when you travel by air! Or better yet, your stainless steel water bottle – it’s safer. Be sure to empty it before check-in.

Mrs. Green’s comment: Airlines consume 1 million disposable cups every six hours. Can you imagine if we all started doing this? I am so going to make the effort.

Green Trivia Question
How many trees does Frito Lay save every year by reusing their shipping cartons? Answer: 5 million trees.

Mrs. Green’s comments: Frito Lay reuses each shipping carton an average of 5 times before recycling it. They have achieved a 96.8% shipping carton reuse rate.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Scoop on Sunscreens

This purchase can be sooooooo confusing because of all the bad stuff found in many sunscreens and in skincare products in general. (Remember: it takes about 6 seconds for your body to absorb whatever you put on your skin) So here is a quick and easy clip-it-out and put-it-in-your wallet guide to take to the store with you. Avoid anything with the following:

Sulfates (sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate)
Parabens (Methyl-, propyl-, ethyl- butyl-)
Petrochemicals (petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffin)

I realize that I am not a doctor nor a chemist nor a rocket scientist. But I am a major researcher, I check multiple, credible websites and sources before I put anything in writing and I care deeply about your health and my health and the health of the planet. If you really want to feel safe, make sure the products you purchase to put on your skin are certified by the Natural Products Association and wear the Natural Standard Seal.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Green Tip of the Week

Green Tip
Make a commitment to yourself to start learning about products that are safe for your skin, safe for your hair and safe for the environment. Read labels, vote with your money!

Mrs. Green’s comment: By educating ourselves just a little bit, we can all start making wiser choices – for ourselves, our families and our precious Mother Earth. (There’s only ONE of her!)

Green Trivia Question:
What does Aveda mean?

Answer: Sanskrit for Knowledge of the Whole!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Real Staycations

If you are looking for a resort type experience or want to get wild and crazy in your city, check out your local fun resorts. Prices in hot places like Tucson and Phoenix and any place that's hot are great! The deals I have been reading about are awesome. Save money on gas and plane fare, support the local economy, and imagine you are anywhere your heart desires. Added bonus: if you forget something, you can always run home and get it.

Please remember to be as green as possible during your stay. Conserve on towels, don't use plastic water bottles, request the sheets not be changed every day, don't turn down the air conditioner to sub-freezing levels, turn up the thermostat and turn out the lights out when you leave the room, and if you do use cans or bottles, make the extra effort to take them home with you to recycle.

I would LOVE to hear from you about other great, green ideas for summer fun.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Green Tip & Trivia Question of the Week

Green Tip of the Week:
Get out of your grocery shopping routine. Go to your local Farmers Markets!

Mrs. Green’s comment: there is just no downside – healthy, fun, supports local businesses and admission is free!

Green Trivia Question:
The average head of lettuce is sprayed an average of how many times with different pesticides, fungicides and herbicides

Answer: That average lettuce was sprayed an average of 12 times with up to FIFTY (50) different pesticides, fungicides and herbicides before it reaches your grocery aisle. So – buy organic!

Friday, June 19, 2009

You Can Save Money Going Green!

I am 100% certain that everyone likes feedback about their mission in life and I am no exception. The kind of background noise that goes on in this head: Am I making a difference? Do I have a positive impact on people whose lives I touch? Is anybody listening and changing one thing in their life? Do people really read this blog?

My friend Scott recently told me he was getting ready to clean out his house and rid himself of stuff. He wanted to know where to take things - lots of things. Well, here's what he did and the result in terms of actual or estimated savings:

One trip to Bookmans with bags of books = $300 credit! Bookmans is a LOCALLY owned business that buys used books, CDs, DVDs, video games, magazines, and sometimes cool "stuff."

One trip to Cartridge World with empty printer cartridges = $150 savings. This trip resulted in a very enthusiastic text message with lots of exclamation points.

One trip to Goodwill with LOTS of clothes = Charitable donation that can reported on tax return.

One trip to the Dry Cleaners with over 500 hangers = a really good deed.

I really hope this hits home. Not only did Scott actually make some money (he could have gotten $150 cash in lieu of the credit from Bookmans but now he will buy books with his credit instead), he really was ONE person making a difference. So he saved money and supported locally owned businesses, as well as a great non-profit which does all kinds of wonderful things - Goodwill Industries.

FYI, I learned yesterday that for every dollar you spend in a locally owned business, .45 stays in the local area vs. .13 cents for national chains. So that can be counted as yet another bonus point for Scott and an investment in our community!