Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Green Tip of the Week

Green Tip
Take your own cup with you when you travel by air! Or better yet, your stainless steel water bottle – it’s safer. Be sure to empty it before check-in.

Mrs. Green’s comment: Airlines consume 1 million disposable cups every six hours. Can you imagine if we all started doing this? I am so going to make the effort.

Green Trivia Question
How many trees does Frito Lay save every year by reusing their shipping cartons? Answer: 5 million trees.

Mrs. Green’s comments: Frito Lay reuses each shipping carton an average of 5 times before recycling it. They have achieved a 96.8% shipping carton reuse rate.

1 comment:

Lynnerella said...

I LOVE FRITO LAY!!! I've been wishing for years that companies would reuse cartons, AND that they would provide a way for consumers to return their empty containers for reuse as well (the next big goal for green-loving consumers!). So a million times THANK YOU to Frito Lay, and to Mrs Green for letting us all know about this heroic, pioneering effort on the part of this great American company. Now excuse me while I go out and buy a big bag of Fritos! - Lynnerella