Friday, July 3, 2009

The Scoop on Sunscreens

This purchase can be sooooooo confusing because of all the bad stuff found in many sunscreens and in skincare products in general. (Remember: it takes about 6 seconds for your body to absorb whatever you put on your skin) So here is a quick and easy clip-it-out and put-it-in-your wallet guide to take to the store with you. Avoid anything with the following:

Sulfates (sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate)
Parabens (Methyl-, propyl-, ethyl- butyl-)
Petrochemicals (petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffin)

I realize that I am not a doctor nor a chemist nor a rocket scientist. But I am a major researcher, I check multiple, credible websites and sources before I put anything in writing and I care deeply about your health and my health and the health of the planet. If you really want to feel safe, make sure the products you purchase to put on your skin are certified by the Natural Products Association and wear the Natural Standard Seal.

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Lynnerella said...

I recently learned from National Geographic News that scientists have concluded that sunscreens rinsing off of beach-goers bodies are killing off the coral reefs - YIKES! You can read about it here:

Perhaps we can usher in a new age of sun protection solutions - quickly! I've been told by knowledgeable people that having lots of antioxidants in our diet does far more to protect us from the effects of sun exposure. In fact some people believe that topical sunscreens are a waste of time and unnecesary - that antioxidants can do it all.... Maybe something we should all explore further!

Thanks again, Mrs Green!!