Friday, June 19, 2009

You Can Save Money Going Green!

I am 100% certain that everyone likes feedback about their mission in life and I am no exception. The kind of background noise that goes on in this head: Am I making a difference? Do I have a positive impact on people whose lives I touch? Is anybody listening and changing one thing in their life? Do people really read this blog?

My friend Scott recently told me he was getting ready to clean out his house and rid himself of stuff. He wanted to know where to take things - lots of things. Well, here's what he did and the result in terms of actual or estimated savings:

One trip to Bookmans with bags of books = $300 credit! Bookmans is a LOCALLY owned business that buys used books, CDs, DVDs, video games, magazines, and sometimes cool "stuff."

One trip to Cartridge World with empty printer cartridges = $150 savings. This trip resulted in a very enthusiastic text message with lots of exclamation points.

One trip to Goodwill with LOTS of clothes = Charitable donation that can reported on tax return.

One trip to the Dry Cleaners with over 500 hangers = a really good deed.

I really hope this hits home. Not only did Scott actually make some money (he could have gotten $150 cash in lieu of the credit from Bookmans but now he will buy books with his credit instead), he really was ONE person making a difference. So he saved money and supported locally owned businesses, as well as a great non-profit which does all kinds of wonderful things - Goodwill Industries.

FYI, I learned yesterday that for every dollar you spend in a locally owned business, .45 stays in the local area vs. .13 cents for national chains. So that can be counted as yet another bonus point for Scott and an investment in our community!

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