Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I know this whole green thing has many serious sides but my mantra is going to continue to be "what if living green can be fun?" And so it is.

I know that all the doom and gloom about what is going on right now will bring out great things from deep inside people and creativity, innovation and stimulating ideas will contiue to pop up all over the place. Thus today's topic - Staycationers!
There are even Staycation Planners springing up!

The concept of Staycation is creating a fun, vacation like experience without leaving home. You have GOT to have fun with it. One example: A family in Oakland, CA., passed on a trip to Hawaii this year for a camp-out in their living room. They set up the tent in the living room, cooked s'mores over a candle, ate hot dogs prepared in the kitchen and read camp stories in the tent. They made staying home an excellent, fun, creative adventure. So now every night their 3 year old son asks his dad if they can camp out. Another man in Oregon started furnishing his apartment like a hotel room as a joke saying he was too broke to go on vacation. Word of mouth spread and he has recreated the stunt 11 times since April - renting his place out complete with hotel soaps (which he buys), do not disturb signs and room service from a local restuarant. You gotta love it!

For the complete skinny, check out the 7/16 Personal Journal section of the Wall Street Journal online. Trust me, you will be laughing as much as I did.

Mrs. Green

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Cindy said...

What a great way to bring fun into how to deal with rising gas prices!