Thursday, July 31, 2008

Arizona's First Wind Farm a Win/Win/Win

I am happy to report that Arizona is building its first wind-energy farm. The Salt River Project has agreed to buy all the electrical energy from the farm to be built 18 miles northwest of Snowflake.

It's a win because it takes Arizona one step closer to actually using a renewable energy source. We won't run out of wind any time soon.

It's a win because it will bring good jobs, additional revenue and clean energy to Navajo County and thus to our State.

And it's a win because millions of pounds of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, will be prevented from entering the atmosphere.

This is such a step forward for the diversification of Arizona's electricity generation. We all know that the costs of fossil fuels continue to rise and that the electricity generated by wind has zero fuel costs and zero emissions. It should absolutely help lower or stabilize rates for utilities in the long run. Let's make sure we keep watching!

On a local angle for Tucson, Tucson Electric Power Co. is looking a wind-powered opportunities and has issued a request for proposals for renewable energy projects that could include wind. Stay tuned.

And as usual, I have to add my comment about how good it is for our State to be leaders in this arena.

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