Saturday, July 19, 2008

Green Insurance? Are You Kdding Me Right Now?

Yes, you read it correctly! Wednesday's WSJ reported that a U.S unit of German insurer Allianz will begin offering homeowners' protection in California next month that will cover the cost of rebuilding houses to environmentally friendly standards, the latest sign of green products penetrating the financial services market. The policies will actually be offered through the Fireman's Fund Insurance Co.

So what does "green" insurance actually cover? There's a long list and it's all great: energy efficient lighting and appliances, updated plumbing, heating and cooling devices, and even extends to rebuilding one's home with lumber purchased from companies certified as implementing responsible forest management practices. All of these actions can help reduce energy costs and help preserve the planet.
Having policies like this also mean there is a growing to demand for green!

Cost? Not so much. $70 a year per $1 million in home value.

My question: why only California?

I will keep watching! draft 7:18:00 AM by Mrs. Green Delete

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