Thursday, October 23, 2008

How Green Is Your Pumpkin?

Just add this to the list of the questions I never asked myself until Mrs. Green was born! Halloween is one of my favorite celebrations. My earliest memories of trick-or-treating are of walking for miles with my brother and sister and coming home with sacks of BIG candy bars. I truly thought I had died and gone to heaven – nirvana for a chocaholic!

Fast forward to Mrs. Green living more consciously. So how green is your pumpkin? VERY can be the answer! First of all, do your best to buy your pumpkin from a sustainable patch. I know they are out there. As for the pumpkin seeds, they contain omega-3 fatty acids that help with brain functioning, and if you use the rest of the pumpkin, it’s a good source of fiber, beta-carotene, vitamin C and potassium. And I LOVE pumpkin soup. There are lots of really good recipes around to please any palate. I have never actually used “real” pumpkin for my pumpkin pies but I know it can be done – so you can use the guts for that if it sounds better to you than pumpkin soup.

No matter what, it’s yet another great opportunity to think and act green at this fun time of year.

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