Monday, October 6, 2008

Good Green News About Running Shoes

I could hardly believe my eyes: eco-friendly running shows you say? One of my favorite green newsletters, Ideal Bites, gave me yet another opportunity to change to a greener practice with the purchase of my next running shoes.

There are big names like Nike (is there a bigger name?) and Brooks that offer green options which means they ARE widely available. They are made from such things are silicone-based green rubber instead of petroleum and PVC which may release carcinogenic dioxins during production. Some lines are even totally vegan and forgo leather altogether.

And a really nice recycling aspect from the place I purchase mine, The Running Store, in Tucson, Arizona. They collect and redistribute old running shoes to places in Africa. There are two organizations you can check out – One World Running and Reuse-a-Shoe if you want to recycle yours. Happy, guilt free running. Gotta love it.


Michelle said...

I love that eco-friendly options are out there.

I myself, love

While you are there, sign up for their sweepstakes!

They are running a free Shoes for a Year sweepstakes, good now through December 5.

The lucky winner gets a free pair of shoes every month for all of 2009. Entries are made each time a purchase is made, however no purchase is necessary. Anyone can go to the site to enter ONCE at . They won't accept duplicate entries at this address, however.

Nicole said...
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