Saturday, August 9, 2008

WOW on the Olympics and a Good Word About Goodwill!

I honestly could not believe my eyes last night as I watched the opening ceremonies for the Olympics and I am soooooooo serious. There were times when my mouth was open, my eyes were popping and I was saying to my friend “how did they do that?” And I said it over and over again.

Even though I was tired, I had to wait to see the American team come out and was I ever proud. I admit to watching Project Runway and they had an episode where they asked the contestants to design an outfit for the Olympics so it really raised my interest level up a few notches. I was NOT disappointed. Our team looked classy, sporty and fun and the red, white and blue made me proud. I am sure the TV station will run clips of it again so try to catch some of the opening ceremonies if at all possible. And what am I thinking? I am sure it will end up on YouTube!!

On a local Olympian note, I was thrilled to see that three athletes with ties to Tucson will compete today. Check out the front page of the Arizona Daily Star for details.

Goodwill – the Ultimate Recycler of “Stuff”

Hats off (no pun intended) to Suzanne Lawder and the amazing staff at Goodwill Industries. The Arizona Daily Star’s Business section reported that with the downturn in the economy, Goodwill’s customer base is growing and the company plans to add FIVE new stores in Tucson in the next 5 years. How cool is that? Very! Suzanne reports that high school and college students have helped create the image of secondhand shopping as “cool and trendy.” I will be checking it out and I hope you do too.

And as a Rotarian, I LOVED the opening paragraph describing events at a recent Rotary Club meeting at which an impeccably dressed speaker told the audience her outfit was from a Goodwill Store. Coming from a modest background, my Mom was the ultimate thrift shop shopper. Since my sister and brother and I went to a somewhat “upscale” school, my Mom told us to keep our thrift shop finds quiet. It was a pride thing and there were times I honestly wished I could get new shoes or a new dress instead of “slightly used.” Well, then I became a “mild” hippie and was so proud to shout to the world my thrift shops finds. Everything cycles – right? So now it’s cool and trendy and GREEN!

Gotta love it!

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