Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Arizona Politicians Mixed on Oil

One of the things that is challenging to me is that when I read the newspapers, I know I am getting the author’s perspective/slant. Over time, one hopefully finds journalists to trust or reads two completely different viewpoints and tries to figure it out. Thus my topic – what’s the truth about oil drilling?

The good news is the both Gabby Giffords and John McCain both agree on opening up new areas for drilling. Giffords is in favor of exploring first and wants to see what’s out there. John McCain agrees. The debate centers on whether opening up new drilling would lower gas prices for consumers. Giffords says it’s a cruel hoax to imply that it would. Tim Bee disagrees.

My take? Total cynicism about oil companies lowering prices for any reason. When you read about record breaking profits and about salaries and bonuses paid to oil executives, you have got to wonder about the trickle down effect for consumers. I don’t ever try to predict the future but my thoughts are that oil companies would put a spin on increased prices due to high costs associated with new drilling and exploration. I just feel like they would find a way to make more money. My dream for the future? Healthy profits for all concerned - not greed and alternative fuels. We can’t let up.

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Eco Girl said...

"The good news is the both Gabby Giffords and John McCain both agree on opening up new areas for drilling."

How is that 'good news'? Oil is not the solution and the oil companies have plenty stockpiled. That doesn't have anything to do with the current prices. Greed does.

We have millions of acres in the US that oil companies have leases on already and are not drilling on.

This is really about land rights. The drilling wouldn't take place for another couple of decades so there would be no impact on gas prices. Not to mention we are already subsidizing oil companies.

Feeding the bloated pig isn't the solution. We already have the technology to make sustainable energy viable. We just need to change the appropriations in Congress from giving all the taxpayer dollars to oil companies and instead diverting it to solar and other technologies.

Rep. Giffords has been a disappointment. Her earmarks were no more than $5 million for solar but over $200 million for the military industrial complex...a big chunk for technology that if she had done her homework, she would have realized doesn't work anyway. McCain and Kyl and the bulk of the Arizona Congress are a huge part of the problem.

The reason we do not move forward on these issues is a lack of political will on the part of Congress and the executive branch. Democrats and Republicans are equally to blame.

At least Rep. Grijalva is working hard to protect land and the environment which the bulk of his earmarks were focused on.