Saturday, August 2, 2008

Green Message Hits Back-to-school Cool & Something Just Plain Fun!

Imagine my surprise when the Accent section of today's Arizona Daily Star had on its front page a young man with a picture of Charlie Brown pointing to the recycling symbol! And of course the shirt was white with the image in GREEN. And to make it even better, the article, on back-to-school clothing trends, is entitled A+ Fashion Advice. It is, indeed, cool being green and a great message for kids to be sending.

To make this blog short and sweet - a simply delightful treat. My brother sent me this email yesterday and even though I was rushing to go somewhere, something made me stop and watch it. I did just what he said - PLAY VERY LOUDLY AND REJOICE.
And indeed I did. I hope you will take the time out of your day to watch this and delight in it like I did. It just purely, simply, delightfully fun. And that is good for our planet! Thank you to the young man who travelled all over the world to make millions of people smile, thanks to the Internet and thanks to my brother for sharing.

Have a great week-end and remember living green can be FUN!!!!

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