Monday, August 11, 2008

Plastic Bags, Plastic Bottles and Spotlight on Tucson

Today I think I could write a novella just on things I read in the morning newspaper. The first article I want to celebrate is about public enemy number one: PLASTIC BAGS! They were the first topic on my radio show and the impact they have on our planet continues to be documented. So imagine my delight to find that Arizona Daily Star's reporter Stephanie Innes wrote about a photo exhibit that a Green Valley couple has started hoping to create a movement to dig Tucson out of a mountain of plastic bags.

Called The One Less Bag project, the couple want to create awareness and get people to take reusable bags to the store and make changes on their own. They hope with more people using reusable bags, we won’t need a ban on them – people will just want to make a difference. The photos are on exhibit through the end of August at the Rainbow Planet Coffee House at 606 N. Fourth Avenue. My hats off to Scott and Anna and to Stephanie for bringing us that news.

And the debate continues about bisphenol A use. A California bill has been introduced to restrict the use of it and require only trace amounts be used in products used by children under the age of three.

Bisphenol is a chemical found in plastic baby bottles and infant formula cans – to name just two items. There is really little dispute that it can disrupt the hormonal system but this is some dispute among scientists about whether the very low amounts found in food and beverage containers can be harmful. If you dig a little further, you will quickly find out other uses for it in things like dental sealant, eye glasses and other household goods. My take? Get it OUT of everything that any child three years old and under comes in contact with. Isn’t protecting our children from harm what grown-ups are supposed to do?

Now on a very happy note, our very own Desert Museum beat out the famed San Diego and St. Louis zoos in a travel recommendation’s Web site’s ratings of U. S. zoos and wild animal attractions. The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum finished second to the Memphis Zoo in the new rating from the trip advisor. ( ) Given high gas prices, it’s a great deal for locals and a great tourist attraction for out-of-towners who help support our local economy. I need to plan a trip out there with my family as it’s been way too long.

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Eco Girl said...

Very good post.

In Tucson there is an activist who is really trying to make a difference on the plastic issue. She ended up opening a business and I bought a beautiful bag from her. She has a blog on her website and carries other enviro goods.

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